New Year's Eve Budapest


This year as well the time flies away really fast and the New Year’s Eve is almost here again, feels like it will be tomorrow that we have to say goodbye to the last 12 months and look forward to the new year, so hurry up, and take time for organizing an unforgettable New Year holiday.

In Hungary, NYE is also called Szilveszter. As in most Catholic countries, specific days of the year are assigned to specific saints just like 31 of December belongs to Saint Sylvestre. At the night of the New Year Champagne is a must in Hungary as well, and the dark sky with the illuminated buildings is a perfect backdrop for the midnight fireworks, what start as soon as it gets dark, since in Hungary people celebrate not just New Year's Eve, but the whole day and it means the celebration atmosphere starts at early afternoon till next morning.

If you think to spend the holiday abroad and be experienced in NYE traditions in another country, Hungary can be a perfect choice for you. Not just the Christmas atmosphere is amazing, that you can find all around Budapest, but there are plenty of different activities this city can offer you during the winter. For example, the Hungarian capital is the capital of thermal spring water as well, which means a huge variety of thermal baths in Budapest. Buda and Pest, the two old towns separated by the Danube river, which is one of the most unique rivers to cruise on in Europe.

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What we will offer you during our New Year's Eve Budapest program?

Silverline Cruises offers dinner tours along the Danube 365 days a year while enjoying the 4-course dinner and the live music. At new years eve, we extend our program with some typical Hungarian NYE tradition just like the midnight lentil soup which makes you became rich for the upcoming year - but only if you eat it all -, or the stuffed cabbage from pork meat since eating chicken is forbidden at this time of the year.

How is it possible? It is simple, while hens scratch backward which takes away the good luck until porks are the best to bring fortune as they root up the luck forwards. And of course, before midnight we stop our cruises in front of the parliament and start counting down to midnight with a glass of champagne and toast together for a hopeful and happy future.

Choose the New Year's Eve Budapest party if you prefer a dressy or costumed, fancy dinner for welcoming the new year, or choose a dinner the day before, to have a nice PRE-NYE dinner as the last simple dinner of the year. But in case you prefer a quiet start, join us on the first day of the year for a romantic, cozy dinner, as a resting event after the party night. So visit our website have a look at our dinner programs and make a reservation with your beloved ones for the holidays.


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